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Map Title :   Carta noua accurata del passagio et strada dalli Paesi Bassi per via de Allemagna per Italia et per via di Paesi Suizeri à Geneua, Lione et Roma per seruizio delli marchanti et viagianti in gen[er]ale ad instanza delli Ss. Scherer et di Momforti speditori delli marchantie in Bregens
Author :   Wit, Frederik de.
Publisher :   by Frederick de Wit inde Calverstraet
Date :   1671
Location :   Central Europe
Dimension :   1 map ; 45 x 56 cm.
Scale :   Scale [ca. 1:2,100,000]
Call Number :   G1015 .C651 1630
Image Base :   06_01_009924
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